LaneAware lane closure management
LaneAware lane closure management

LaneAware Work Zones

A simple, yet sophisticated lane closure management tool for managing recurring and one-off work zone activities and special events.

  • Coordinate ongoing road works and major projects with ease
  • Share work zone data with the public and media
  • Minimize errors and disruption to the commuting public


Around the world, transportation agencies as well as road and port authorities have ambitious growth plans to optimize the movement of people and goods while improving road and travel safety. All of which involves major renovation and expansion programs as well as regular maintenance and upkeep.

Coordinating and communicating construction and renovation projects across departments, regions, and vendors along with routine maintenance activities is a daunting, often manual, task. LaneAware Work Zones replaces email chains, whiteboards, offline spreadsheets, and other manual ways of tracking and identifying existing work zones across organizations with an automated, web-based lane closure management system.

It provides a collaborative platform to plan and monitor projects, resolve conflicts, and exchange information about existing and scheduled activities across the region.

By providing a means to verify and compare multiple lane closures against well-defined policies and business practices, LaneAware helps to:

  • Reduce the chance for duplicate requests
  • Avoid conflicting project road closures
  • Remove the potential of human error in scheduling
  • Compile all lane closure data in one central database
  • Minimize the impact to travelers

Overall, LaneAware alleviates the time and cost associated with manually tracking work events. And it allows agencies to share lane closure data with key stakeholders and the motoring public.

Automated lane closure management for work zones

LaneAware Work Zones is an easy-to-use, intelligent online tool with a simple, intuitive process:

Step 1:Registered users submit work requests through the web-based application
Step 2:Requests are checked for conflicts against pre-defined business rules and other existing projects
Step 3:If the request meets all pre-defined rules and availability, it is automatically approved
If the request is not automatically approved, it is flagged for manual review and approval

Lane closure and connected vehicles

As the demand for connected vehicles continues to grow, the need to transmit reliable, secure data about lane closures to map providers, such as Google, is increasingly more important than ever before. As a result, a central lane closure management tool allows agencies to not only plan for today but also invest in the future.

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