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Improve operations, traffic flow and enforcement with automatic license plate recognition and vehicle analytics.

Automatic license plate recognition (ALPR/ANPR) is gaining in popularity around the globe. Law enforcement increasingly relies on ALPR for investigative work to promote public safety. ALPR systems also help improve safety and operations for electronic toll collection, traffic management, parking operators, and more.

The systems work by evaluating images or video of a vehicle using optical character recognition (OCR) to identify it’s license plate and store it as alphanumeric characters. The data is stored and can easily be run through a license plate database(s) to track the vehicle’s movements, collect usage fees, or identify criminal activity.

Why choose our solution?

  • Unrivaled accuracy: Highest accuracy and low error rates
  • Worldwide support: Support 150+ countries and states
  • System agnostic: Compatible with most architectures and operating systems

Our high-volume tolling software, parking solutions, and libraries for ALPR and model-make recognition (MMR) deliver the most reliable, hardware-independent solution for automatic license plate recognition and vehicle analytics in the market. Industry-leading read rates and low error rates ensure a good return on investment and minimum requirements for manual review.

For project and OEM partners we offer attractive pricing models, customer-driven improvements, and performance tuning. Integrate ALPR functionality into your own products using our SDK.

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