Versatile, results-driven event monitoring and detection unit for free-flow, multi-lane weigh-in-motion and traffic counting and classification systems.

  • Monitor and access critical traffic information in real-time or for future comprehensive reporting
  • Communicate via internal GSM/GPRS/2G/3G/4G for data download, diagnostics, and configuration
  • Interface with ease to third-party solutions such as cameras and cycle signs


The HI-TRAC® EMU3 is an innovative, results-driven, and versatile event monitoring and detection unit for weigh-in-motion and traffic counting and classification systems.

Ideal for use across highways or throughout urban environments, detection options can include any one or combination of the following:

  • Weigh-in-motion
  • Axle classification
  • Loop profiling classification
  • Cycle classification
  • Pedestrian detection

With multiple array configuration options, sensors and inductive loops are permanently installed in the highway or road – a cost saving measure due to minimal investments in installation and maintenance. In addition, its low power consumption is ideal for sustainable power supplies.

The HI-TRAC EMU3 has interfaces for multiple sensor types such as piezo-electric, inductive loop, Quarts strain gauge, and in-road temperature probes. Optional triggered outputs facilitate integration with technologies such as ALPR/ANPR cameras and cycle signs.

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