Electronic Multi-Lane Free-Flow Toll Collection

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  • Electronic Multi-Lane Free-Flow Toll Collection

Collect vehicle tolls without disrupting traffic flow. Automatically identify and charge vehicles without stopping.

Reduce queues and congestion at toll plazas, and promote the free flow of traffic with video or electronic toll collection.

Using state-of-art DSRC and ALPR/ANPR technology, we secure barrier-free transportation, flowing traffic, and uncongested toll plazas.

Why choose our solution?

  • It’s digital: Wireless, electronic, and efficient
  • It’s predictable: High accuracy and automation rates
  • It’s versatile: Easily combine with other solutions and technology
  • It’s scalable: Suitable for small and large projects, scales with traffic volume and expanding operations

Electronic toll collection overview

Electronic toll collection (ETC) forms the basis of many modern tolling systems, allowing users to pay tolls wirelessly and contact-free. Multi-lane free-flow (MLFF) strategies take it a step further by identifying vehicles and collecting payments at highway speeds. This increases safety by removing queues at toll plazas and improves environmental performance by smoothing traffic flow.

Video toll collection overview

Video tolling provides toll road operators the opportunity to reduce road-side infrastructure, avoid transponder logistics, and provide great road user convenience. Fees are collected by identifying road users based on their license plate, either in the toll operator’s database or by looking up their information in a government vehicle registry. Video tolling makes road user charging easy and convenient for all.

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