Bicycle and Pedestrian Monitoring and Outdoor Information Display
Bicycle and Pedestrian Monitoring and Outdoor Information Display

HI-TRAC® Cycle Interactive Display

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  • HI-TRAC® Cycle Interactive Display

Communicate with cyclists and pedestrians with a customizable, dynamic outdoor information display.

  • Integrate with ease to HI-TRAC® CMU cycle and pedestrian monitoring equipment
  • Customize the single- or double-sided display with artwork, maps, city crest, or logo
  • Communicate via internal or external GSM/GPRS/2G/3G/4G for data download, diagnostics, and configuration


Increased traffic in cities as well as mandates to lower pollution levels are driving change in transportation policies. Active transportation has become the focus amongst traffic planners and politicians alike with both determined to promote cycling and walking as alternate modes of transport.

The HI-TRAC® Cycle Interactive Display (CID) allows cities and authorities to display dynamic information along dedicated paths. With excellent visibility in all weather conditions and auto-dimming functionality, authorities can:

  • Display daily, monthly, or annual statistics such as the number of cyclists or pedestrians
  • Communicate safety guidance and advisory information
  • Motivate residents to cycle, run, and/or walk more
  • Show appreciation to cyclists for their contribution to a better environment

Built to withstand a long outdoor life installed alongside cycle or walking paths, the durable and reliable outdoor information display is sealed to IP65 and, therefore, is protected against solid objects, dust, and rain. And it employs the latest low-power LED technology and utilizes solar power. It is compatible with the Q-Free HI-TRAC CMU cycle and pedestrian monitoring system.

The HI-TRAC Cycle Interactive Display is a plug-and-play system with minimal installation and set-up time, but it also provides some customizable features, such as:

  • Proximity sensor
  • Single or double-sided LED backlit display
  • Interactive LCD touchscreen for direct interaction
  • Custom artwork such as city crests, logos, maps, etc.

In conclusion, authorities can both motivate and communicate with their community while stimulating their sustainable transportation goals.

HI-TRAC® Cycle Interactive Display Examples

Below are examples of the installed outdoor information displays along dedicated paths:

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