Q-Free Traffic Signal and Corridor Management
Q-Free Traffic Signal and Corridor Management

Traffic Signal and Corridor Management

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Operations and management put the brains in any signalized intersection because nobody should be stuck in traffic one minute longer than necessary.

Our powerful solutions for traffic signal management promote the safe, efficient movement of people, data, and goods along streets and major corridors.

Our traffic signal solutions help road operators manage traffic signals locally while managing a network of intersections and access points centrally.

Why choose our solution?

  • It’s web based: Modern, modular platforms are web-enabled and reactive to your mobile or workstation devices
  • It’s open: Open, modular architecture that integrates with other systems and supports multiple vendor’s signal controllers and ITS devices
  • It’s secure: End-to-end security with secure client connections, encrypted device protocols, federated authentication, and individual user access control across your system and signal controller software

Built on cloud technologies for SAAS or on-premises deployments, Q-Free solutions are connected vehicle ready and scalable across multiple traffic management centers – but that’s just the beginning. Q-Free offers cutting-edge analytics, and because we understand you might have once, or even twice, purchased products from our competitors, our solutions are open and play well with others.

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