Q-Free Lane Closure Management
Q-Free Lane Closure Management

Lane Closure Management

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Efficient work zone management makes planning and implementing lane closures easier and more predictable for everyone.

The temporary closure of traffic lanes is an unavoidable aspect of building and maintaining road infrastructure. Effective coordination of everything from landscaping and routine maintenance to capital improvement projects is crucial to minimize gridlock and keep traffic moving.

Why choose our solution?

Our automated lane closure management solution alleviates the toil involved in manually coordinating work zone projects for departments of transportation, port authorities, airports, and more… anyone who manages roadways, highways, bridges, or tunnels.

Best of all, by providing a means of verifying and comparing multiple lane closures against established policies and business practices, our solution minimizes the chance for conflicting or duplicate requests and human error.

  • It’s simple: Easy to learn and use
  • It’s time-saving: Reduce the time and cost of manually tracking events
  • It’s web based: Easily access from anywhere

Users submit requests through an intuitive, online application. Requests are checked for conflicts and evaluated against a set of customer-defined rules before being automatically approved or sent to an agency appointed team member for manual review and approval.

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