Optimize the movement of people, goods, and data

Imagine a world without congestion and pollution.

Drivers from the best-in-class countries waste “only” 20 hours a year in traffic, while drivers from most countries waste two or three times as much time. Time that should have been spent at home with family and friends, or in the office rather than commuting to it.

This is the world we want to live in and the one we design solutions for. A world without congestion, with better air quality, and less driver frustration.

Since 1984, Q-Free’s intelligent traffic technology has played a vital role in addressing these worldwide societal challenges. Our tolling and traffic management solutions have proven again and again that they have a significant positive impact on traffic flow.

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Advanced Traffic Management Systems

Prevent and reduce regional congestion.

Traffic Signal and Corridor Management

Manage signalized intersections to optimize traffic flow.

Adaptive Signal Control

Adjust traffic signal timing to real life in real time.


Collect weight data without disrupting drivers.

Electronic Multi-Lane Free-Flow Toll Collection

Fund the roads and infrastructure of the future in a sustainable manner.

Truck Tolling

Automate collection of national and international truck tolls.

Ferry Tolling

Collect tolls from drivers safely with automated contactless charging.

Q-Flow references

Multi-Lane Free Flow Toll Collection – Great Belt Bridge, Denmark

In 2019, Q-Free delivered an upgrade to the tolling system at the Great Belt Bridge in Denmark, which greatly improved the traffic flow at the tolling lanes. Opened in 1998, the Great Belt Bridge crosses the strait between the Danish islands of Zealand and Funen.

Electronic Tolling Collection (ETC), Fast Lanes – Bangkok, Thailand

The city of Bangkok is one of the three most polluted cities on the planet. The fine particulate matter PM2.5 index reaches three times the recommended level of safe breathing from the World Health Organization two months a year. The main reason for the pollution is traffic congestion.

Electronic Ferry Payment Collection – Norway

Q-Free has helped improve the flow at ferry harbors in Norway by replacing manual lane payments with highlyeffective automatic payment systems.

Rideshare Brisbane Airport – Australia

Q-Free has delivered an Electronic Access Fee Collection System (EAFCS) to Brisbane airports for access control and charging, and to control congestion of commercial vehicles at the airport precinct.

Event management – Georgia, USA

In 2019, the New England Patriots triumphed over the Los Angeles Rams to take home their sixth Super Bowl victory. The event drew in over 70 000 attendees plus hundreds of athletes, media, and support personnel to ensure fans in the stadium and across the globe could enjoy the championship game.

MAXTIME rm ramp meter – North Carolina, USA

Agency utilizes acclaimed ramp meter solution to enhance freeway operations and driver safety.

Creating a world without congestion: “The 5:00 PM Vision”