Highly accurate, high-speed traffic data collection system for weigh-in-motion and vehicle classification that does not interrupt traffic flow.

  • Support automatic pre-selection for enforcement of overloaded vehicles by plate and weight
  • Interface real-time traffic, weather, and environmental information
  • Integrate with ANPR, CCTV, height-width-length laser scanners, diversion signs, WIM back office


One of the main goals of governments and traffic authorities is to stimulate sustainable, safe transportation while preserving infrastructure. Weigh-in-motion solutions collect road usage data without disrupting traffic flow while monitoring and enforcing fair and sustainable use.

The HI-TRAC® TMU4 offers extremely accurate, high-speed traffic data collection, detecting, counting, and classifying vehicles while also providing weigh-in-motion capabilities without interruption to traffic flow. The well-established HI-TRAC TMU4 monitors up to 16 traffic lanes.

The system records vehicle classification, axle load, and gross vehicle weight data that can be used for:

  • Highway traffic loading
  • Overload detection
  • Prescreening for vehicle enforcement

It can interface to lanes of multiple array configurations with sensors and inductive loops permanently installed in the highway. As a result of the minimal investments in installation and maintenance, the agency incurs significant cost savings. The system also interfaces to multiple sensor types including piezo-polymer, piezo-quartz, and in-road temperature probes.

The system uses Q-Free’s advanced loop profiling techniques, which results in improved vehicle classification accuracy. In addition, advanced automatic temperature compensation algorithms significantly improve the accuracy of weight data.

Both solutions provide affordable high-end functionality with either modem or Ethernet communication options and 8GB standard memory to maximize data storage. The HI-TRAC TMU4 includes embedded Ethernet and TCP/IP stack, VPN, and FTP. It is NTCIP 1206 and OPCUA compliant and integrates with automatic license plate recognition (ALPR/ANPR) and CCTV cameras as well as traffic signals or diversion signs to intercept overloaded vehicles.

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