Monitor up to eight traffic lanes with our highly accurate and versatile universal traffic counter and classification system.

  • Detect mixed traffic, vehicle classification, speed, axle count, direction, wheelbase, and gap/headway
  • Install in the roadway as a low profile, non-obtrusive permanent solution
  • Transmit data via internal 2G/3G/4G modem or Ethernet (TCP/IP) for download, diagnostics, and configuration


With unrivaled flexibility, the HI-TRAC® UTC-L, a highly accurate, low cost universal traffic counter and classification system, is capable of monitoring up to eight traffic lanes with programmable vehicle categorizations. Using established loop sensor technology with Q-Free’s Advanced Loop Profiling function to detect mixed traffic whilst recording vehicle classification, speed, gap, and headway to:

  • Classify and count vehicle types
  • Identify annual and seasonal traffic trends
  • Monitor traffic to correlate changes in transport patterns
  • Analyze the impact of heavy traffic flow on infrastructure

The unit’s superior power efficiency and low power consumption delivers a long, reliable life span. Powered by a small cabinet-mounted solar panel and supported by two internal rechargeable batteries, it is a fully standalone permanent solution.

Automatically configure the HI-TRAC UTC-L to transmit reliable axle classification data to a web server for secure storage. Alternatively, configure, diagnose, and download data manually via remote connection to the unit. As a result, data is easily exported to user-friendly formats for analysis and reporting.

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