Q-Free Traffic Signal and Corridor Management
Q-Free Traffic Signal and Corridor Management

2070 Controller Modules

Upgrade or replace parts for your existing 2070 traffic signal controllers.

  • Modernize and protect your existing investment
  • Easily upgrade your 2070 controllers with plug-in modules
  • Take advantage of leading ATC and Caltrans standards
  • Available with Velocity™ ARM processor for incredible power and performance
  • Legacy PowerPC processors available for Caltrans TEES chipset compliance


Modernize and expand the functionality of your existing 2070 traffic signal controllers.

Use alone and/or in combination to modernize and expand existing controller functionality for current Q-Free ATC Controllers or those from other manufacturers. For instance, the Q-Free 2070-1C Module has successfully modernized controllers from the leading North American controller vendors including Cubic Trafficware, McCain, Safetran, and Siemens.

2070-1C CPU Module

Open Linux OS architecture

2070-2E+ FIO Module

Field I/O for Caltrans-style cabinets

2070-7A Async Serial Comm Module
RS232 communications

2070-7T GPS Serial Comm Module
Reliable, independent GPS time reference

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