Sophisticated suite of traffic signal control software for all your localized traffic control needs.

  • Powerful traffic signal control to improve traffic flow and operations
  • Intuitive user interface and menu structure
  • Reduce maintenance costs and boost interoperability


MAXTIME is a proven software suite for local traffic signal management. Using the system’s intuitive user interface, our solution allows you to manage signal timing with ease at intersections or freeway on-ramps, optimize signal timing between intersections, broadcast data to connected and autonomous vehicles, or even integrate with other ITS devices.

Traffic signal control software applications

Designed specifically for the advanced computing power of ATC controllers, MAXTIME is available for:

Intersection Control
Execute standard and advanced signal timing operations with ease.

Ramp Meter
Minimize congestion by controlling traffic flow onto freeways and coordinating with nearby intersections.

Adaptive Signal Control
Optimize signal timing in response to demand without a central system.

Connected Vehicles
Broadcast signal data directly to the DSRC radio for safer roadways.

A built-in web server enables all operations and management to be done securely online, eliminating the need for special software downloads or computer requirements. Better yet, the web-based app can be used to centrally schedule software updates for all intersections without a traffic management system (TMS).

Every license comes with our Device Manager and free access to our manufacturer-specific management information bases (MIBs). This drastically reduces maintenance costs and boosts interoperability with third-party solutions or smart city applications.

MAXTIME allows for the central management of users through individual user accounts and menu-driven access restrictions. It also logs and reviews all signal timing changes performed by users from the controller’s front panel or web user interfaces.

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