Put Q-Free tolling solutions to work and increase traffic flow, create greener and safer traffic networks, and reach funding goals.

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Our Tolling Solutions

Electronic Multi-Lane Free-Flow Toll Collection

Fund the roads and infrastructure of the future in a sustainable manner.

Congestion Charging & Low-Emission Zones

Secure non-stop flow of traffic and fund the creation of sustainable communities.

Road User Charging

Incentivize, restrict, or inform road use in certain zones or timeframes.


Identify and track traffic violators and suspects.

Truck Tolling

Automate collection of national and international truck tolls.

Ferry Tolling

Collect tolls from drivers safely with automated contactless charging.

Our Tolling Products

On-board units (OBU) / DSRC transponders

Support a variety of tolling applications and configurations with versatile on-board units.

OBU615 DSRC Transponder

Customizable, low-power OBU with future-proof RF immunity.

OBU616 DSRC Transponder

Declare and store truck axle counts with ease.


Inspect and verify DSRC radio communication zones.

DSRC transceivers

Efficiently register, identify, and communicate with vehicles equipped with DSRC on-board units.

RSE622 DSRC Transceiver

Portable handheld DSRC transceiver enforcement tool for stationary vehicles.

RSE624 DSRC Transceiver

Lightweight, pocket-sized DSRC transceiver for POS applications.

RSE620 DSRC Transceiver

Small, yet robust, DSRC transceiver perfect for parking and access control projects.

RSE651 DSRC Transceiver

High-performing DSRC transceiver for a variety of tolling and access control applications.

SEC501 Security Server

Our SEC501 security server provides a trusted execution environment (TEE) for security-critical software and includes hardware security module (HSM) for key storage.

Imaging systems

Automate video-based image processing and transactions with highly accurate end-to-end solutions.

Intrada® ALPR

Identify vehicle license plates, make and model on any device.

Intrada® Insight

End-to-end solution with unrivaled accuracy for video-based tolling and access control projects.

Intrada® Synergy Server (ISS)

Proven and practical solution for video tolling integrators and parking operators.

VRE700 Vehicle Registration Unit

All-in-one video tolling camera for single or multi-lane configurations.