Road User Charging

Better serve the motoring public. Tackle congestion and pollution through road user charging and help fund vital infrastructure improvements.

Growing populations mean more people and goods on roadways, and urbanization continues to bring more vehicles to city centers.

Yet around the world, governments and agencies tasked with maintaining vital transportation systems are plagued by budget cuts and lower tax revenues. Not to mention, they’ve been handed the task of addressing pollution, air quality, and health issues caused by road transportation.

Road user charging is a modern solution to address these societal challenges. It works by charging users in certain areas or time periods, thereby influencing demand with the goal of alleviating congestion, reducing air and noise pollution, and creating a better quality of life for residents.

Why choose our pilot solutions?

  • It’s sustainable: Virtual zones require little to no infrastructure
  • It’s secure: Data is collected and stored anonymously
  • It’s scalable: Flexible, pay-by-use system suitable for areas of all sizes
  • It’s efficient: Increase the flow of traffic and information

We ensure the privacy of road users by collecting and storing all data anonymously and securely. We have extensive knowledge about the needs of all stakeholders – customers, partners, authorities, and drivers. Together we create meaningful road user charging projects.

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Sample pilot application: Urban geofencing

Urban geofencing is the virtual zoning of a geographical area. As part of our C-ITS Solutions, Q-Free’s geofence solution shares information to, from, and between road users, cars, and infrastructure.

Within a given zone, specific rules and regulations can apply, such as variable pricing for different times of the day, for different vehicle types or within different zones. Urban Geofencing can also be used as a virtual form of tolling and has been piloted with several clients worldwide.

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