Q-Free Traffic Management
Q-Free Traffic Management

Traffic Management

Connecting people, communities, and data through intelligent, safe, and sustainable traffic management solutions.

Our intelligent traffic management solutions for urban and interurban environments make it easier for towns and cities to create safe and less congested traffic networks while balancing the needs of many different types of travelers.

Whether you’re looking for an advanced traffic control device or solutions to integrate regions, we have solutions to get you there today and tomorrow.

Our Traffic Management Solutions

Traffic Signal and Corridor Management

Manage signalized intersections to optimize traffic flow.

Advanced Traffic Management Systems

Prevent and reduce regional congestion.

Bicycle and Pedestrian Monitoring

Build more sustainable infrastructure with active transportation.


Collect weight data without disrupting drivers.

Connected Intersections (V2I)

Enable better decisions for drivers and automated cars.

Adaptive Signal Control

Adjust traffic signal timing to real life in real time.

Lane Closure Management

Automate coordination of work zone lane closures.

Counters & Classifiers

Collect and analyze high-quality real-time traffic data.


Identify and track traffic violators and suspects.

Our Traffic Management Products

Traffic management software

Promote efficient, sustainable movement of people and goods on freeways and city arterials.

Kinetic Mobility

Transformative platform for managing advanced traffic management systems.

Kinetic Signals

Unleash the power of regional traffic signals management.


Enable communication between infrastructure and CAVs.

Kinetic Events

Back office system for collecting and reporting on vehicle, cycle, and pedestrian use trends.

Kinetic Corridors

Automated solution for integrated corridor management.

Kinetic Signs

Intelligent, vendor-agnostic sign management solution.

Kinetic Counts

Back office software analysis tool for vehicle counts and classifications.

Kinetic Video

End-to-end video management plus distribution, client display, and video wall.


Coordinate efficient local traffic signal operations.

Weigh-in-motion (WIM)

Capture and record detailed vehicle data at low or high speeds for maximum efficiency and throughput.


Collect high-speed weight and classification data from free-flow, multi-lane highways.


Detect and classify traffic in free-flow, multi-lane WIM systems.

LO-TRAC® 300

Multi-function, low-speed WIM and axle-by-axle static weighing.

Traffic counting & classification

Monitor and report vehicle classification, speed, gap, and headway across up to eight lanes of traffic.


High-speed, free-flow vehicle classification system.


Detect and classify traffic in free-flow, multi-lane WIM systems.


Monitor up to eight traffic lanes with highly accurate classification.


Monitor up to four traffic lanes with highly accurate classification.


Monitor real-time journey times with non-intrusive signal detection.

Bicyclist and pedestrian monitoring

Track benefits of cyclist and pedestrian activities to boost sustainable and livable community initiatives.


Monitor cycle and pedestrian lanes.

HI-TRAC® Cycle Interactive Display

Communicate with cyclists and pedestrians.

Advanced transportation controllers

Power signalized intersections with industry-leading ATC components.

ATC Controllers

Control signalized intersections for improved traffic flow.


Coordinate efficient local traffic signal operations.