Intelight Adaptive Signal Control
Intelight Adaptive Signal Control

Adaptive Signal Control

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Life changes and so do traffic patterns. Adjust traffic lights in real time to reduce congestion and improve travel time.

Traditional traffic signal timing relies on pre-programmed, daily signal timing schedules based on traffic studies conducted, at best, every 3-5 years. Alternatively, adaptive signal control technology (ASCT) automatically adjusts traffic signal timing to accommodate current demand without adding additional capacity.

The result? More green lights, less congestion and pollution, and less calls from frustrated citizens.

Why choose our solution?

  • It’s smart: Wireless and efficient
  • It’s trustworthy: Standards-compliant
  • It’s versatile: Adapts to localized traffic needs

Our adaptive signal control solution uses real-time traffic data to adjust signals to meet real-time demand without adding additional capacity.

Our adaptive signal control solution keeps traffic moving by using real-time traffic data to adjust traffic signals for the existing traffic pattern. It’s a traffic manager’s dream, allowing you to maximize existing roadways by accurately detecting vehicles and moving them through intersections with green lights at just the right time.

Congestion is reduced, crashes are reduced, and your headaches melt away.

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