Attempting to charge travelers for the use of roads and other infrastructure is meaningless if effective means of enforcing against non-payment are absent. Q-Free supplies state-of-the-art enforcement solutions which complement its tolling portfolio.

An important measure of a tolling or charging’s scheme’s success is how much of the money due from travelers is actually collected. In more traditional applications of tolling for the building and maintenance of facilities, this is important in order to maximize revenues and returns on investment. It is also a priority in the case of congestion management, where charging is a deterrent or used to shape travelers’ habits and finance modal shift. In the days when tolling involved cash and physical barriers ensuring payment was relatively straightforward but the move to All-Electronic Toll Collection (AETC) and Multi-Lane Free-Flow (MLFF) has seen a growing need for enforcement solutions which can be used against non-paying vehicles moving at speed. Q-Free provides a range of fixed, portable and mobile enforcement solutions which help to minimise revenue leakage. Enforcement utilizes the tolling technologies  as classification and video (ALPR) and may be combined with DSRC to verify correct equipped vehicles in GNSS tolling systems.

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