Stimulate sustainable transportation

Greener and cleaner transportation is key to tackling the greatest challenge of our generation: climate change.

Worldwide, road vehicles account for roughly 18% of direct CO2 emissions.

By improving traffic flow, encouraging alternative modes of transportation, and creating more efficient transportation networks, Q-Free intelligent transportation solutions build our global climate legacy by:

  • Reducing air and noise pollution
  • Building healthier communities
  • Generating funds for sustainable infrastructure

Explore our solutions for a greener tomorrow to see how we can help improve quality of life in your community.

Explore our solutions

Congestion Charging & Low-Emission Zones

Secure non-stop flow of traffic and fund the creation of sustainable communities.

Road User Charging

Incentivize, restrict, or inform road use in certain zones or timeframes.

Electronic Multi-Lane Free-Flow Toll Collection

Fund the roads and infrastructure of the future in a sustainable manner.

Adaptive Signal Control

Adjust traffic signal timing to real life in real time.

Bicycle and Pedestrian Monitoring

Build more sustainable infrastructure with active transportation.


Collect weight data without disrupting drivers.

Q-Clean references

Congestion Charging, Stockholm & Gothenburg, Sweden

Q-Free has improved the air quality in Sweden with its systems for the Congestion Tax projects in Stockholm (2006) and Gothenburg (2013). Q-Free systems identify eligible vehicles in the cities using video technology, and the corresponding tax is levied depending on the time of day.

Geofence – Oslo & Trondheim, Norway

Q-Free is piloting a new system to make cities cleaner: The Geofence project in Norway. The pilot is using Q-Free technology in hybrid vehicles to inform users when they enter or leave a Low Emission Zone. The users can decide from information displayed on an in-vehicle smart phone whether to switch from petrol/diesel to electricity depending on their GPS position.

Truck Tolling – Slovenia

DARS d.d. awarded the consortium Q-Free ASA and Telekom Slovenije the contract for the Truck Tolling System on highways and expressways in Slovenia. The system called DarsGo has reduced fuel consumption for heavy vehicles, and thus reduced CO2 and other air pollutants (NOx and PM2.5).