Advanced central traffic management system to monitor and control an agency’s traffic signal and ITS operations.

  • Promote safe, efficient and sustainable mobility
  • Collect, manage, and analyze real-time traffic data
  • Gain control of your entire traffic signal network in a single application


MAXVIEW advanced traffic management system (ATMS) is a sophisticated tool that delivers an integrated, real-time view of an agency’s traffic signal network and ITS infrastructure.

Our modern application provides real-time data collection and rich analytics, enabling the proactive management of traffic flow and mobility.

Continuing our legacy of open standards, MAXVIEW provides full support for multiple vendors’ traffic signal controllers using NTCIP and other protocols. This enables customers to immediately place any supported or NTCIP-1202 compliant traffic signal controller on the system.

NEW! The latest and greatest in signal management

Q-Free announced Kinetic™ Mobility, a cutting-edge platform that will dramatically simplify traffic management and bridge the gap between traditionally siloed operations including signal and freeway management.

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