About Q-Free
About Q-Free

About Q-Free

A prime mover in the world of smart, safe, and sustainable transportation management.

We go to work every day hoping to do two things: improve mobility and make the world a little better. Collectively, we channel our energy to influence and develop the global ITS community. We improve traffic flow, road safety, and air quality in communities all over the world.

Our innovation toolbox includes a broad, complementary array of hardware and software solutions for tolling and traffic management applications.

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Our vision

Changing the movements of life

Our mission

Creating intelligent solutions for efficient, safe, and environmentally-friendly transportation based on innovative technology and open platforms.

Sustainability goals

In 2019, we unified our vision, mission, and values under three purpose-driven goals.


Optimize the movement of people, goods, and data.


Stimulate sustainable transportation.


Improve road and travel safety.

Together, these goals unify our global teams and better reflect our culture. They breakdown traditional solution silos and highlight the importance of collaboration. Plus, they help align our product development and growth with our chosen United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

UN Sustainable Development Goals

It’s more than just a business strategy. Working toward better, healthier, and more sustainable transportation is our morale responsibility for the greater good of generations to come.

Q-Free also supports UN Global Compact. Here you can see our Communication of Progress Letter (COP).

Our leadership team

Trond Christensen (1971)

Interim CEO

Served since 2019

Trond Christensen has held the position as Interim CEO since July 2022. Christensen joined Q-Free in November 2019 as CFO. Christensen has several years’ experience as a state authorized public accountant. Christensen also has more than 10 years of experience as CFO/CEO and has worked for companies such as Jotun, Komplett, Brubakken and Leonhard Nilsen & Sønner. Since 2014, he has worked with consulting and management for hire.

Christensen is a Siviløkonom (four year program in economics and business administration) from Norwegian Business School BI, and holds a Master’s in Accounting from the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH) in Norway. Christensen is a Norwegian citizen based in Trondheim and Oslo, Norway. Christensen owns indirectly through T Christensen AS 45,000 shares in Q-Free ASA.

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Arne Kristian Hoset (1985)

Interim CFO

Served since 2019

Arne Kristian Hoset has held the position as Interim CFO since July 2022. Hoset joined Q-Free in September 2019 serving as Group Finance Director. Prior to that he worked as state authorized public auditor and as management consultant in EY and as Finance and Accounting Manager in Toyota Material Handling. Hoset holds a Master’s degree in Business and Economics from NHH Norwegian School of Economics and a Master’s degree in Accounting and Auditing from BI Norwegian Business School. Hoset is a Norwegian citizen based in Trondheim, Norway. Hoset has no shares in Q-Free ASA

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Fredrik Nordh (1974)

EVP Tolling

Served since 2017

Fredrik Nordh joined Q-Free as Senior Vice President Europe in September 2017. Nordh has held several leading positions within Tomra Group (2003-2017), most recently the position as SVP Head of Nordic Collection Solutions. Nordh has also been Nordic Business Controller at LG Electronics and held several finance, IT, and logistics positions at S.C. Johnson.

A native Swede, Nordh received a Master of Science degree in Business and Economics from the University of Uppsala in Sweden. Nordh is based in Stockholm, Sweden, and owns 40,000 shares and holds 527,256 share options in Q-Free ASA.

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Morten Andersson (1957)

EVP Traffic Management

Served since 2012

Morten Andersson has been with Q-Free since 2012. Andersson has held several leading positions in traffic technology companies such as Peek and Swarco, and has more than 30 years of industry experience. Andersson, a Norwegian native, is based in the United States and holds 270,249 share options in Q-Free ASA.

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Idunn Bjelland

Idunn Hals Bjelland-de Garcia (1983)

SVP Brand, Communication & Marketing

Served since 2017

Idunn Bjelland joined Q-Free as our Global Marketing & Communications Director in September 2017. Before joining Q-Free she held the position as Product Manager in Amedia AS and worked as Market Developer and Marketing Manager in Tomra Systems ASA. She has extensive experience with brand- and market oriented process management.

Bjelland holds a Master’s degree in Corporate Social Responsibility from Universidad Regiomontana, Mexico, and a Bachelor’s degree in Innovation and Entrepreneurship from Kristiania University College, Norway. Bjelland is based in Oslo, Norway and holds no shares in Q-Free ASA.

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