Kinetic Weather

Road weather information

Enhance road safety and traffic efficiency by incorporating live weather data into your Kinetic Mobility system.

  • Monitor current road weather conditions
  • Enable weather responsive traffic management
  • Automate decision response


Kinetic Weather collects real-time data on atmospheric conditions (temperature, precipitation, wind, etc.) and road surface conditions (pavement temperature, moisture, ice, etc.) from your environmental sensors along the roadway.

When leveraged with other Kinetic Mobility modules, Kinetic Weather can automate critical weather-responsive traffic management strategies such as:

  • Displaying weather advisories on signs
  • Adjusting signal timing and speed limits
  • Disseminating traveler information via the web and apps
  • Implementing active traffic and integrated corridor management

Roadways and communities that can benefit include:

  • Major highways, freeways, and interstates
  • Corridors and regions prone to severe weather
  • Urban areas prone to high traffic volume
  • Mountainous areas and high-elevation roads
  • Evacuation routes and critical transportation corridors

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