Intelight MAXTIME ic

Sophisticated traffic signal intersection control software with smart mobility built in.

  • Operate standard signal timing with ease
  • Expand traffic control functionality with the intuitive user interface and menu structure
  • Manage devices remotely with built-in Web-based app


Intelight MAXTIME intersection control (ic) is a Linux-based local intersection control software that goes beyond your standard signal timing tools, offering advanced tools and functionality for smart mobility and the future of connected and autonomous vehicles (CAV).

Designed for ATC controllers, the traffic signal control software is built on a platform based on a rich set of industry standards including NTCIP, NEMA, MUTCD, and FHWA. With a web server built-in, all operations and management can be completed through a web browser without the need for special software on a computer, laptop, or mobile device.

Execute standard signal timing with ease and master advanced functions without complex logic strings or modified controller operations using the system’s intuitive user interface and menu structure. Utilize the web-based app for centrally scheduling software updates for all intersections without a traffic management system (TMS).

Every Intelight MAXTIME ic purchase comes with the Intelight Device Manager and free access to the management information bases (MIBs) to reduce maintenance costs and boost interoperability with third-party solutions and smart city applications.

Beyond the standard

Building beyond the standards, it is important to look at the greater goal of why these standards exist — to boost interoperability and reduce reliance on and the expense of single-vendor solutions.

Management information bases (MIBs) that provide necessary information for interoperability with Intelight MAXTIME ic software is available to all – putting transportation agencies, cities, and MPOs back in the driver seat.

To download the MIBs for Intelight MAXTIME ic, simply visit the Intelight website.

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