Kinetic Counts

Back office software for vehicle insights and reports

Back office system for collecting and reporting on vehicle, cycle, and pedestrian use trends.

  • Gain actionable insights on usage trends and patterns
  • Collect valuable traffic data to measure road safety
  • Protect roadways through reliable, enforceable data collection


Kinetic® Counts is a sophisticated traffic data collection and analysis tool that equips transportation authorities with valuable insights to make data-driven decisions for their infrastructure planning and investment needs.

Our system map provides an easy means for operators to maintain a birds-eye view of site devices and overall health. Filterable, date-based system reports allow operators to analyze traffic patterns by lane, direction, and class to:

  • Analyze traffic patterns
  • Quickly identify anomalies
  • Correlate weather data
  • View/download per vehicle records

As part of Q-Free’s Kinetic Mobility platform, Kinetic Counts leverages a modern tech stack developed and used by tech giants and financial institutions the world over. Easily scale and integrate with other Kinetic applications for a more holistic approach to transportation management.

Product sheet

Product specifications may change at any time without notice and may not be available in all markets. Contact us for up-to-date information and availability.

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