Bicycle and Pedestrian Monitoring and Outdoor Information Display
Bicycle and Pedestrian Monitoring and Outdoor Information Display


Monitor up to four active transportation lanes with a small low-powered, low-cost yet highly accurate bicycle and pedestrian monitoring system.

  • Utilize on dedicated cycle paths or mixed traffic lanes
  • Distinguish true bicycles from other types of traffic with speed and gap/headway measurements
  • Protect vulnerable road users in multi-modal environments via integration with traffic signal controllers


Increased traffic in cities as well as mandates to lower pollution levels are driving changes in transportation policies. Active transportation has become the focus amongst traffic planners and politicians alike with both determined to promote cycling and walking as alternate modes of transport.

The HI-TRAC® CMU is a highly accurate bicycle and pedestrian monitoring system that:

  • Detects vulnerable road users in multi-modal environments
  • Integrates with traffic signals, active information, or safety warning signs to communicate cyclists and pedestrians are present to the motoring public
  • Supports wider efforts to build more sustainability and fitness into personal mobility

With a small footprint and low power requirements, the HI-TRAC CMU easily installs into a cycle or mixed traffic lane. A single unit is capable of monitoring up to four lanes.

To distinguish true bicycles from other traffic including children’s scooters, prams, trolleys, motorbikes, and mopeds, Q-Free’s unique algorithms measure:

  • Axle count
  • Speed
  • Wheelbase

Using state-of-the-art piezo-electric sensor technology, the unit can detect cyclists in either a dedicated cycle lane or mixed traffic lane. The HI-TRAC CMU also detects bicycles constructed of non-metal material such as carbon fiber – a major advantage to alternative inductive loop based technologies.

Pedestrian monitoring

Pedestrian detection is available via the integration of passive pyroelectric infrared sensors mounted on the roadside pillar. For increased accuracy, an overhead pedestrian detection option is available – subject to additional power requirements.

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