AI-enabled processors for computing on the edge

Velocity™ ARM processors

Bring AI and machine learning out of the cloud and into the field

Advanced edge/IoT capabilities

AI neural processing for machine learning

500x flash memory and 30x DRAM

The latest in our innovative line of industry-leading ATC traffic signal controllers, Q-Free’s AI-enabled Velocity ARM processors are ideal for computing on the edge…

Meeting the demands of traffic applications today and into the future.

The traffic signal controller has long been critical for safe and efficient intersection operations.

Over the last decade, the widespread adoption of standardized high-resolution data has made the ATC controller the primary source of intersection data. In today’s modern municipal environment, the demand for data has never been higher.

As such, more and more roadside devices and applications have been introduced, and today’s traffic signal cabinet may be bursting at the seams with separate boxes for detection, connected vehicles, advanced TSP solutions, video processing, and many other applications.

To support the increased demand of all these applications and simplify the roadside cabinet, traffic signal controllers must be smarter, faster, and better.  

With this in mind, Q-Free is excited to introduce its Velocity line of ARM processors – the latest in the company’s innovative line of industry-leading ATC traffic signal controllers.

The Velocity processor is the traffic signal industry’s first to be fully ARM-based. Controllers running Velocity AI-enabled processors are designed to be a true edge computing platform.  

First fully ARM-based traffic signal controller.

PowerPC-based platforms are increasingly difficult to procure as modern computing standards leave the legacy hardware in the distant past. Lead times and prices for PowerPC components continually grow as the tech world demands newer, faster hardware.

Meets/exceeds functional & chipset specificationsVelocity V5 ARMLegacy PowerPC
ProcessorQuad-core 1.6 GHz ARM Cortex A53 CPU with 800 MHz ARM Cortex M7 coprocessorNXP MPC8242 32-bit, 400 MHz PowerPC Instruction
Neural processing unit for AI/ML
DRAM4,096MB (4GB)128MB
Flash Memory32,768MB (32GB)64MB
NEMA and ATC standardsMeets/exceedsMeets/exceeds
Caltrans TEESExceeds functional specificationsMeets/exceeds functional & chipset specifications

Available in our full line of ATC controllers

State-of-the-art equipment, and with Q-Free’s Velocity ARM processors, power to spare no matter the task or how much data they need to process.

XN-1 Controller
TS 2, Type 1 NEMA ATC controller

XN-2 Controller
TS 2, Type 1 NEMA ATC controller

2070LDX Controller
35X/34X/33X/170 style ATC controller

2070LX Controller
35X/34X/33X/170 style ATC controller

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