RSE620 DSRC Transceiver

The RSE620 is a small, lightweight CEN TC 278 DSRC-compliant transceiver intended for parking and access control applications.

  • Small and robust DSRC transceiver for all-weather use (indoor and outdoor)
  • “Instant-on” application start-up from power on within milliseconds
  • Ultra-low power consumption
  • Can use battery power, solar panels or other sources where mains power is not available


Its ultra-low power consumption makes it ideal for all type of access applications, including for areas where mains power is not available.

The transceiver may be run from a variety of power sources such as batteries, solar panels or wind turbines.

The RSE620 has an ultra-fast response time. The unit is ready to interact with an OBU only milliseconds after power-up.

The RSE620’s standalone embedded application enables easy integration to any access system without previous experience with the DSRC protocol and standards. For standalone embedded applications, the RSE620 may also be equipped with a Secure Application Module (SAM) for secure DSRC key management.

The RSE620 is also fully backwards-compliant with the earlier MD5859 DSRC transceiver serial protocol, allowing easy drop-in replacement without changes to the parking controller application.

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