Intrada Insight

The Intrada Insight is a high-performance, end-to-end image processing solution for video-based toll transactions that enables toll road operators and system integrators to significantly reduce overall operational costs.

Insight integrates Q-Free’s Intrada Synergy Server (ISS) automation engine, a data processing and warehouse component, and a Manual Image Review (MIR) subsystem.

The ISS utilizes Intrada® Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) together with fingerprinting techniques to produce the highest license plate read rates at ultra-high accuracy levels. It is a complex video image processing system that utilizes several concurrently operating Optical Character Recognition (OCR) engines together with optimized business rules to produce highconfidence automated read results of license plates. The system produces high-accuracy read results for both standard and custom licence plates. It typically delivers ≥70% automation rates and operates at or above 99.95% read accuracy.

Insight’s high-level of automation significantly reduces operational costs, while transactions requiring human intervention are processed using a unique application of identification and dissection of the human review tasks. Therefore, even those limited number of transactions requiring human review are simplified and reduced to common, understandable, repeatable and reliable tasks.


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