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Easily declare and store the number of truck axles with this plug-and-play on-board unit that features visual indicators and multi-application support.

  • Immune to radio frequency interference from the Wi-Fi enabled devices found in or around the vehicle
  • Utilize low-power technology with ultra fast, state-of-the-art DSRC processing
  • Customize OBU with a branded private label and a smart mounting bracket


The OBU616 is an ultra-compact, plug-and-play on-board unit (OBU) DSRC transponder used to effortlessly monitor the number of truck axles for electronic tolling and automatic vehicle identification (AVI). With intelligent signal discrimination, it also features a long service life.

The OBU’s new signal discrimination technology enables immunity to Radio Frequency (RF) interference from Wi-Fi enabled devices around the vehicle. With its user friendly interface and visual indicators for operational status and axle count, the OBU616 is designed to facilitate easy operation for the vehicle driver.

The OBU616 is based on more than 30 years of experience and proven technology. It supports all current and future 5.8 GHz CEN DSRC protocols. Low power technology ensures low current draw while supporting fast 5.8 GHz CEN TC278 compliant DSRC processing. The OBU616 easily mounts to the windscreen using a slide-in bracket and blends unobtrusively into the interior of the vehicle.

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