RSE624 POS DSRC Transceiver

The Q-Free RSE624 CEN DSRC Transceiver is the smallest and most advanced multi-protocol 5.8GHz CEN DSRC transceiver.

  • Small and lightweight CEN TC278 DSRC transceiver for point of sale/service (POS) use
  • USB connection for power and communication
  • Optimized for service, test and personalization applications
  • Multiple HMI sources — LED, Buzzer
  • Optimized near-field antenna for close range OBU Reading


It is designed for automatic registration, testing and personalization of any CEN-compatible DSRC microwave communication tag.

The RSE624 is the optimal choice for a POS application where the RSE624 enables effective distribution, testing, and registration of OBU identity for service providers using DSRC On Board Units

The RSE624 is a product in the RSE62X series and shares the same protocol and application interfaces as RSE620 and RSE622. This enables easy migration between different products and shortens time to market for DSRC integrators.

The RSE624 is backwards compatible with earlier POS transceivers from Q-Free (MD5859T) and provides full standalone transaction model capability and comes with a C++ client library and example code for easy integration.


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