Q-Free provides a range of state-of-the-art tolling technologies which address any user need. These are combined with Consulting and Managed Services which ensure that the right choices are made at every point in the tolling process — from definition, to realisation and ongoing operation.

Tolling provides public and private operators with a sustainable means of funding roads and associated infrastructure such as bridges and tunnels. It is equitable, in that those who use a facility most are typically charged most.

Tolling also improves safety, because the necessary levels of funding are provided for infrastructure upkeep, and helps to improve the environment by addressing issues such as congestion and vehicle-related emissions.

Solutions are offered for all tolling/road user charging applications. In addition to traditional plaza systems, Q-Free also provides state-of-the-art Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) technology for Multi-Lane Free-Flow/Open Road Tolling, Truck Tolling, Managed/HOT Lanes, and Congestion/Cordon-Based Charging. Automatic Vehicle Classification and both fixed and mobile Enforcement solutions are available, as are modular Back Office solutions which cater for all transactional and customer relations functions.

For roadside applications, Multiple and Single-Gantry solutions are offered which utilise DSRC and RFID tags, satellite (GNSS/GPS), Automatic Licence Plate Recognition/Video and GSM/Cellular technologies. Where necessary, and according to application, hybrids are offered. In-Vehicle Systems include class-leading On-Board Units, and emerging Connected Vehicle/Connected ITS and Smart Device applications are also included within the portfolio.

Q-Free’s solutions and technologies are scalable from a single road to an entire country or region.

The comprehensive Managed Services offer provides tolling agencies with the experience and support they need to ensure that capital and operating expenditures are optimised. Service provision includes support and maintenance functions. It also includes data and image-verification support which significantly reduce the costs associated with in-house manual handling.



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