Q-Free installs adaptive signal control on Orlando’s I-Drive

Q-Free’s MAXTIME software brings self-adjusting traffic control to global tourist epicenter

  • Orlando’s I-Drive is home to the convention center, attractions, nightlife, dining, shopping, and more
  • MAXTIME adaptive installed along 15 intersections of the main tourist strip
  • The solution uniquely balances vehicle and pedestrian needs

Q-Free (OSE: QFR), a global leader in mobility solutions for smart city infrastructure, announced the successful deployment of MAXTIME adaptive to improve traffic flow along Orlando’s busy tourist corridor, International Drive. I-Drive is a bustling stretch of roadway central to Universal Studios, Sea World, Orange County Convention Center, and other attractions, with plenty of pedestrian and vehicle volume to contend with.

The project along I-Drive involves a three-mile stretch of Orange County’s main tourist strip. Fifteen total intersections use Q-Free’s MAXTIME adaptive signal control technology (ASCT) to smooth congestion among the nearly 30,000 vehicles per day that visit. The system handles multi-modal traffic like pedestrians for safe and timely road crossings without impacting traffic flow.

Adjust, adapt, overcome

MAXTIME adaptive automatically adjusts traffic signal timing in response to real-time demand. The technology improves road and travel safety by optimizing local signal timing cycles without impeding priority and requiring a central system. Installed locally at the traffic controller, MAXTIME adaptive can improve a single intersection or deliver corridor-based optimizations, including cross-street management.

“MAXTIME offers powerful tools for standard and adaptive signal timing. Leveraging these advanced features really allowed us to balance vehicle and pedestrian needs for this corridor.”

Thomas Montz, Senior Traffic Operations Engineer for Q-Free

The unusually wide I-Drive corridor is problematic when dealing with pedestrian and vehicle safety and efficiency, leading to overly long wait times and cycle lengths that could cause potentially unsafe conditions. MAXTIME overcomes this by relying on standard MAXTIME coordination features to reduce transition time and keep signals in sync, improving wait times and traffic flow without disrupting priority vehicles or jeopardizing safety.

About Q-Free

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