Our way of working

To change the movements of life, we need to continuously improve and refine the way we work.

Q-Flow, Q-Clean and Q-Safe not only outline our purpose for doing business, but they are the guiding principles for how we do business.

Q-Flow at work

We believe customer focus, engaged employees and clear process management are key to achieving the continuous improvement of our internal processes.

Employee engagement: Our employees are regularly surveyed to maintain a pulse on their engagement, motivation, and satisfaction in their daily work. To further support the entire team member journey, Q-Free hired its first Employee Engagement Manager in 2019 and has a strong focus on continuous employee development through feedback and dialogs. 

Q-Free Way: Our framework of processes and procedures, ensures that we can fulfill all tasks required to achieve our objectives in an efficient manner. With our key focus being customer and stakeholder requirements and needs, our knowledgeable employees continuously review and improve our system.  Our management system is verified through the ISO 9001 certification. 

Risk management: We have implemented structured and proactive risk management to identify, monitor, control and manage our risks and uncertainties. Our risk management is based on principles from ISO 31000 and helps us make informed decisions and mitigate risks in all our processes both on corporate and local level.

Information security: We invest time and effort in information security management. Our goal is to obtain the ISO 27001 certification for Q-Free Norway in 2023. 

Q-Clean at work

To positively impact the environment and meet our sustainability goals, we regularly review the environmental impact of how we do business.

Environment:  Environment is high on the agenda in Q-Free and one way of emphasizing our role and responsibility and ensure we “walk the talk” , is through our environmental management certification ISO 14001.

Environmental KPIs: Our environmental KPIs are regularly reviewed. Our focus on for example air travel reduction, lead to 299 tons less of harmful C02 emissions between 2016 and 2019. In 2019, 5.7% of our Tolling On-Board Units were shipped by sea. We aim to increase this to 10% within 2020.

Q-Safe at work

Keeping our team members safe is a top priority for Q-Free. We’ve gone several years without accidents due to our good health and safety focus and culture.

H&S: Health & Safety is implemented in our Management system (Q-Free way) and certified in accordance with ISO 45001 for occupational health and safety This means that we have H&S as part of our strategy and specific H&S processes to reduce risks and secure safety at work for our employees and contractors.

H&S representatives: Elected by their colleagues due to their strong Health and Safety focus, our H&S representatives perform H&S inspections, attend H&S committee meetings and ensure a robust H&S culture.

QA & HSE policies / certificate

Use the links below to access Q-Free’s health, safety, and quality policies:

Health and safety policy

Environmental policy

ISO 9001 & 14001 certificate

Q-Free quality policy

If you have questions regarding these policies or want to learn more about the way we work, contact us today.

Information in Q-Free is classified in four categories with respect to sensitivity


Documents or information used for marketing or layouts. Can be used to avoid labelling of non-business documents. Using this classification will not put a visual label in the information.


Information that may be shared without restrictions.


Information that is to be shared with specific people/roles or a specific group. Owner of information may share with other organizations and partners. This is the default classification.


Only specific people and/or roles who explicitly need access must be granted it, and only to the least degree to do their work. Unauthorize access, modification/destruction or unavailability could be expected to have unwanted effect on organizational operations, organizational assets, or individuals.