Notice of breach

Report suspected legal infractions, security breaches, or wrongdoing.

Any employee or individual may use the Notice of Breach form to report breaches or suspected breaches of Q-Free’s internal policies, Code of Conduct, laws, or regulations.

What to report

Incidents, breaches, or suspected breaches of:

  • Q-Free Code of Conduct, laws, or regulations
  • Corruption, including bribes and facilitation payments
  • Human and labor rights violations
  • Harassment or discrimination
  • Threats to life or health
  • Misuse of insider information
  • HSE regulation
  • Any criminal law/act
  • Security breach


Q-Free will ensure that no employee suffers detriment because of making a disclosure on a possible violation in good faith. Employees found to knowingly make a false report for the purpose of harm will be subject to disciplinary action.


Reports can be made anonymously. It may sometimes be helpful to contact you (the notifier) in order to perform the investigation. For an anonymous report this will not be possible so ensure you submit all available information accessible to you in case you report anonymously.

Whether or not a report is made anonymously, all reports, including your identity, will be kept confidential. If you elect to provide your contact information you may be kept informed of what progress is being made, subject to the person or body dealing with the matter protecting the confidentiality and data protection of others.

Report a breach or suspected breach