Q-Free expands LaneAware™ Work Zone tool to manage airport road projects

By ITS International

LaneAware™ Airports will organize, manage and automate lane closures for airports, so when it’s time to fly, airport authorities can ensure the best arrival and departure experience for travelers.

The airport lane closure tool is a new web-based application adapted from Q-Free’s trailblazing LaneAware Work Zones software. It is designed to help resolve the all-too common conflict between approach road congestion and passengers rushing to make a flight. Both the LaneAware Work Zones and LaneAware Airports solutions provide authorities the ability to schedule lane closures, share work zone data with the public and media, and minimize errors and disruption.

LaneAware helps transportation, port, and airport authorities easily manage work zone access requests from contractors and roadway maintenance departments.

LaneAware Work Zones and LaneAware Airports couldn’t be more timely. With COVID-19 vaccines edging closer to reality and governments discussing ambitious infrastructure plans to help rebuild COVID-weakened economies, the potential for road construction gridlock and the need for impactful solutions is growing increasingly urgent.   

“We realized early on that our unprecedented LaneAware Work Zones solution could make a massive impact on facilities and organizations with a lot of moving parts,” said Morten Andersson, senior executive vice president of traffic management for Q-Free. “Most lane closure activities at airports are handled by multiple departments, making it an extreme challenge to coordinate activities without negatively impacting operations or traffic at critical times. Our LaneAware solutions centralize and resolve these conflicts easily, providing a seamless experience for travelers and workers alike.”

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