Q-Free adopts latest NTCIP standard for actuated signal controllers

Q-Free’s MAXTIME intersection control software first to adhere to NTCIP 1202 v03A standards to promote interoperability

  • First major update to NTCIP 1202 standard since 2005
  • Standard promotes interoperability, a Q-Free priority
  • Q-Free well positioned well for next update expected this fall

Q-Free (OSE: QFR), a global leader in mobility solutions for smart city infrastructure, today announced that the company’s MAXTIME ic intersection control software supports the latest version of National Transportation Communications for ITS Protocol for actuated signal controllers. The joint standard from AASHTO, ITE, and NEMA defines common objects to enable interoperability and interchangeability between traffic signal controllers from different manufacturers.

Q-Free continues to push the transport industry forward through the adoption and advocacy of industry standards. “Interoperability is key to advance transportation and innovation,” said Senior Executive Vice President Dan Skiffington. “We have long advocated for industry standards that promote interoperability and enable customers to choose the solution that works best regardless of manufacturer. Integrating new and upcoming NTCIP standards into our award-winning MAXTIME software is yet another way we promote safety, technological improvement, and ease of use through hardware and software solutions for a connected world.”

MAXTIME ic substantively supports the mandatory objects in the current NTCIP 1202 v03A standard and puts Q-Free in a position to quickly add support for the anticipated release of NTCIP 1202 v03B expected this fall. The latest version represents the first significant update to the standard since the release of NTCIP 1202 v02 in 2005. Agencies can request a copy of the MAXTIME ic PICS through their regional sales manager.

MAXTIME ic intersection control software is part of Q-Free’s sophisticated MAXTIME suite of traffic signal control software. The MAXTIME suite can coordinate signal timing between intersections, integrate with other ITS devices, or broadcast data to connected and autonomous vehicles. The software has powerful features like a built-in web server for secure online operation and management, a web-based app to centrally schedule software updates for all intersections without a traffic management system, and every license comes with free access to manufacturer-specific management information bases (MIBs) to promote further interoperability with third parties.

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