Kinetic Corridors

Automated solution for integrated corridor management. Overview Kinetic® Corridors is the modern solution for automated management of integrated corridors. Featuring unprecedented levels of control and configuration, Kinetic Corridors unites field devices, data sources, and traffic control under one easy-to-use interface. It maximizes the capacity of existing infrastructure and improves operational response times, creating more reliable …

Kinetic Mobility

Transformative platform for managing advanced traffic management systems.

Kinetic Counts

Back office software analysis tool for vehicle counts and classifications.

Kinetic Events

Back office system for collecting and reporting on vehicle, cycle, and pedestrian use trends. Overview Kinetic® Events is a sophisticated end-to-end decision support system for detecting, managing, and responding to planned and unplanned events. Intuitive workflows, sophisticated rules-based DSS, and machine learning boost response time and consistency, so you can make better decisions faster. Events …

Kinetic Signals

Unleash the power of regional traffic signals management.

Kinetic Signs

Intelligent, vendor-agnostic sign management solution.


Coordinate efficient local traffic signal operations.

XN Controller

Modern workhorse for advanced traffic signal operations. Versatile configurations meet edge computing and IOT demands at the roadside. Overview Traffic signal controllers are the workhouse of signalized intersections. Based on open standards and built on a Linux platform, the XN Controller is part of Q-Free’s ATC Controller line (advanced transportation controllers) – ideal for the …

Kinetic Video

End-to-end video management plus distribution, client display, and video wall.

Kinetic CV

Central traffic signal data aggregation for connected vehicles.


Inspect and verify DSRC radio communication zones.

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