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Coordinate efficient local traffic signal operations.

XN Controller

Modern workhorse for advanced traffic signal operations. Versatile configurations meet edge computing and IOT demands at the roadside. Fast, reliable intersection control Available in Type 1, Type 2, shelf and rack mount configurations Unrestricted use license for MAXTIME ic MIBS Overview Traffic signal controllers are the workhouse of signalized intersections. Based on open standards and …

Kinetic CV

Central traffic signal data aggregation for connected vehicles.

Kinetic Mobility

Transformative platform for managing advanced traffic management systems.


Inspect and verify DSRC radio communication zones.

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Kinetic Signals

Unleash the power of regional traffic signals management.


Operate standard signal timing with ease and advanced functionality


Streamline freeway and ITS device management.


Manage regional traffic signals and corridors.

MAXTIME adaptive

Automatically adjust traffic signal timing in response to real-time demand.

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