Q-Free provides ALPR backbone for innovative commercial security scheme

Around the world, with many assets and locations needing 24/7 surveillance and protection, security is big business. Unfortunately, it is also sometimes needlessly expensive. If the poorly coordinated patrolling by assets from numerous security companies and organisations can be given more focus through the greater use of technology, the result will actually be an improved level of service but at less cost.

This is the thinking behind Smart Business Parc. In operation since 2015, this scheme brings together the public sector, research, training and enterprise. At a more local level it combines local government, law enforcement, businesses as suppliers, and businesses as customers.

“Smart Business Parc shows how our communities are already being enriched by smart city-type applications”

The Smart Business Parc scheme recognises that there is security advantage to be gained from the world in which we live, which is increasingly populated with information-gathering systems of all descriptions — sensors, cameras, bodycams, smartphones and the Internet of Things.

Much of the information gathered by those systems is already shared between the organisations currently requiring security services, as well as via social media and the internet. Smart Business Parc takes a more cohesive approach to the handling and processing of some of that information to bring about a more safe and secure environment.

The levels of sophistication are impressive and include image analytics and behaviour prediction, and scheme members/customers are provided with Web-based security as a service.

Q-Free is now a supplying partner to DIT is Beveiligen, a provider of security solutions and services. DIT runs a huge back office which operates in the Cloud and processes video and images from all connected traffic cameras. Intrada ALPR is provided as a true service, both technically and commercially. The customer pays a monthly fee per camera and Q-Free ensures scaled and continuously up-to-date recognition for the images and passing vehicles. As the scheme grows, so do the revenue opportunities for a supplying company such as Q-Free.

“Smart Business Parc shows how our communities are already being enriched by smart city-type applications,” says Marco Sinnema, Product Manager for Intrada, Q-Free’s market-leading ALPR suite of products.

“Many people worry about the proliferation and ubiquity of cameras in our lives but the reality is that they really do help to make our lives safer and more secure. It’s great for Q-Free to be involved in a scheme such as this — and not only commercially. It means that we as a company help to make a positive contribution to society’s and individuals’ collective peace of mind.”

Pictures: iCOPP