Q-Free part of Portland TSP project that wins ITE transportation award

Award recognizes excellence in the advancement of transportation to meet human needs

Q-Free is proud to announce that its MAXTIME intersection control software played a pivotal role in improving bus and pedestrian service as part of the Division Transit Project.

The recipient of a 2023 Transportation Achievement Award for its ability to use advanced transportation technologies to better address human needs, the Division Transit Project leveraged advanced signal technology to improve transit service to residents along one of the region’s most diverse—and historically, most dangerous—arterial corridors in Portland, Oregon.

The first-of-its-kind project features NextGen Transit Signal Priority (TSP) to improve bus transit using machine-learning algorithms to analyze and predict bus ETAs based on live and historical inputs. The bus ETA is then sent to Q-Free MAXTIME traffic controllers, which use the data to optimize signal timing along the corridor to improve on-time arrival rates. When applicable, MAXTIME’s advanced logic features also place pedestrian calls prior to the bus arrival to ensure people can cross the street to catch the bus, minimizing the potential for missed connections.

The August 2023 issue of the ITE Journal offers an excellent look into the inner workings of the Division Transit Project for traffic engineers and enthusiasts alike. The feature article, Deploying the Next Generation of Transit Signal Priority in Portland, Oregon, covers the project from a technical standpoint, with an in-depth analysis of the technology, systems, and results.

The $175 million project team included the City of Portland, TriMet, the City of Gresham, Oregon DOT, DKS Associates, WSP, and technology providers LYT and Q-Free.