Oman in standard ALPR OEM package

We have formally released the country module for Oman as OEM module for the Intrada ALPR product range. This means that it reads any standard license plate issued and can handle footage from any regular kind of camera type and application. Note that the registration number encompasses both the one or two letter as well as the numbers. As always Intrada returns the symbols like they would be registred in the local DMV (first the letters denoting the district and subsequently the Western serial numbers). These plates can appear as black on yellow (private plates) and white on red color variants (non-private plates).

The Oman (OM) country module will automatically be part of any upcoming Intrada ALPR software update of existing and new OEM partners. When you are interested in becoming an OEM partner and let your product benefit from the continuously maintained and expanded set of supported countries, please contact us directly.