Mali license plates supported by Intrada ALPR

map_maliWith the country code RM, many different platestyles have been issued in the Republic of Mali, seen in various different conditions. Most of them however follow the syntaxes defined in 1998 on plates, printed with the German FE Schrift font. The Intrada ALPR library has been trained to deal with all the variations and still being able to return reliable results. This not only covers reading platestyles in Mali, but also distinguishing them from the plates issued in the surrounding countries like Algeria, Senegal and Burkina Faso.

As OEM partner you get access to the new modules, allowing you to deploy accurate ANPR products in the region. As with all our ALPR modules, the software is available as Linux and Windows packages, deployable on 32bit PC, 64bit PC, PowerPC, ARM and DSP hardware. 



Header image: Photo by Robin Taylor, no modifications, licensed under