Kinetic Mobilty
Kinetic Mobilty

Kinetic Mobility

Introducing Kinetic® Mobility

The first single, truly-integrated traffic management system.

One solution to rule (or unite) them all.

  • Single, off-the-shelf ATMS solution
  • Unifies freeway and signal management
  • Fosters a truly open traffic ecosystem

Improving mobility across local, intercity, and regional traffic operations.

Kinetic Mobility is more than just a collection of apps… it’s a seamless, interactive interface.

Where most solutions force users to work in silos and restrict the integration of other manufacturers’ devices, Kinetic Mobility breaks down silos to facilitate collaboration among communities, regions, and vendors.

✓ Improve regional traffic flow
✓ Increase road safety
✓ Reduce harmful carbon emissions
✓ Implement unique, holistic safety solutions

An open, user-centric approach that unifies rather than divides.

a traffic management system that plays well with others.

The Kinetic Mobility platform is built on a modern tech stack developed and used by tech giants providing a scalable solution for today that also paves the way to the future.

  • True thin-client
  • Designed using industry-best standards
  • Open API
  • Live updates to specific modules​
  • Scalable, dependable technologies​