Intrada ALPR supports South Korean license plates

The Intrada ALPR development team is continuously maintaining and expanding the list of supported countries. With a supported country we mean we supply the ALPR software that has proven to accurately identify traffic as currently on the roads. In May 2017 we have finalized and released this support for South Korea. As such, it is available for OEM integration in your ALPR products and solutions as well as upcoming traffic projects.

One of the challenging factors of reading South Korean license plates is accurately deciphering the Hangul symbol above or besides the Western digits. A Hangul symbol actually represents between two and five sounds, of which on the license plates a maximum of three are used. As you can see in the screenshot below, Intrada returns all plate symbols (Western digits and Hangul) that constitute the registration number – ensuring unique identification in your ALPR application.

The full list of countries supported by Intrada ALPR is available here.