Latest certification underlines Q-Free ALPR’s flexibility

C2P — which is short for Convergence to Pixels — is a leader in the provision of connectivity of IP-standard devices to Video Management Systems (VMS). Its text-to-video conversion and search engine are optimised to provide a common, seamless interface for all attached IP-standard appliances. Applications within the ITS sector include ALPR and access control.

The announcement is good news for Q-Free because it underlines the company’s philosophy of open standards, as well as the flexibility of its class-leading ALPR offer, says Marco Sinnema, Product Manager for Intrada.

“The announcement opens the way to integration with any regular VMS platform. Whereas most other ALPR partners of C2P look to integrate their own cameras, Intrada Live provides live integration with any type of IP camera. So, once again we’re leading the market — not only in terms of the absolute performance of our product but also in the ease with which that performance can be accessed and deployed.”


  • C2P: Convergence to Pixels VMS metadata integration.
  • Intrada ALPR: automatic license plate recognition by Q-Free.
  • Intrada Live: Live video processing with ALPR.