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Q-Free and LYT TSP Demo

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Wednesday, September 20, 2023
1:00 pm Eastern

Join us for a joint webinar on why interoperability matters.

NextGen Transit Signal Priority anchors the award-winning, $175 million Division Transit Project in Portland that provides easier, faster, and more reliable bus service along the Division Street corridor. The NextGen TSP technology improves traditional TSP by combining innovative controller logic, artificial intelligence, and machine learning into one cohesive system from multiple collaborating agencies and traffic management providers.

Learn how industry partners in the project, Q-Free and LYT, used standards-based interoperability to ensure device-agnostic data flow that isn’t hampered by vendor-specific management information bases (MIBs) or data communication standards.

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Jason Hildreth
Technical Sales Manager

Bob Riebe
VP Revenue


Get a sneak peek at the solutions that will be demonstrated:

  • LYT.transit — LYT’s predictive ETA-based solutions leverage advanced AI and ML combined with current bus status and historical data to estimate time of arrival up to 2 minutes in advance
  • MAXTIME intersection control software — Portland leveraged advanced logic functions and additional phases to program signals to serve other modes of transport, including pedestrians, in advance of the bus arrival
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