Time for Growth: Interview with our Global Director of People and Organizations

After several years of focusing on further development of our core technologies and making our solutions and organization scalable, Q-Free is now in the growth phase of its strategy.

“It’s an enormous privilege to be able to talk about growth in a time plagued by inflation and resource strains,” says Q-Free Director of People and Organization Karianne Sæter. “At Q-Free, growth is not just about financials. Project wins and implementation are the front-end work of growth. On the backend, is employee development and upskilling. Ultimately, we recognize that profitable growth is the result of multi-dimensional value creation.”

The 44 year old—who has been leading Q-Free’s People & Organization efforts for close to three years—is “obsessed” with the people-side of busniess. “My main focus is to make Q-Free stand out as a people-oriented and inclusive organization. Working in an international environment with a range of nationalities, professions, and generations is as exciting as it is challenging. We are all very different, and yet we share common goals and interests that unite and drive us,” she says.

“Sustainability. Purpose. Culture and Collaboration. Development. Belonging. Value Chain Management. These are hot societal topics among an increasing number of employees. Understanding these changing employee and societal values, and translating them into our work is crucial to retain and attract the right people, and ensure continued growth.”

To that end, Q-Free is looking for a Recruitment Manager to further our recruitment, workforce development, and employer branding efforts.

“We are looking for a person who is comfortable shaping our path forward and keen on collaborating with managers across the organization to systematically define needs and identify competency gaps, and prioritize how to best meet these needs today and tomorrow,” concluded Karianne

If you are inspired by Karianne and want to play a significant role in the further development of our People & Organization, apply here.

Our Global Director People & Organizarion, Karianne Sæter