TCS International finalises ATMS project in Florida

The Garfield Garage is a City owned property consisting of just over 600 parking bays on six floors including open-air roof top parking. The garage is adjacent to the beach, and supports visitors to the beachfront area and is also used as a staging area for the Carnival Cruise liner leaving from the nearby port.

The design consists of 500 TUS -100 Single Space sensors and a “cluster” of TCS USDS’s to monitor the open-air roof top parking.

Master Panel signs are located at the two entry points along with LEVEL signs on each level. The City of West Hollywood has also taken TCS International’s  API tool allowing for the counts to
be exported in real time to the their web site.

TCS has furthermore deployed a wireless communication system throughout all devices in the Garfield Garage.

The deployment of this system has met with nothing but good publicity from the local users and press, and has generated interest from the nearby Fort Lauderdale International Airport. While on site this week, TCS International staff was given the opportunity to show the system to a  delegation from the airport that has expressed interest in learning more about TCS International’s technology.

TCS International is located in Boston, MA, USA and was acquired by Q-Free in December 2012. TCS was established in 1999 and is an innovative company within Advanced Transportation Management Systems (ATMS), specialised within Parking Guidance and Management Systems.