HI-TRAC® CMU Cycle Priority Scheme – Glasgow, Scotland

City of Glasgow deploys cycle priority and safety solution to protect vulnerable road users.

Using sustainable power, Q-Free’s established and highly-accurate cycle monitoring HI-TRAC® CMU solution integrated with a warning sign to protect cyclists at an accident hotspot and provide invaluable usage data along a main commuter corridor.

Cycle detection challenge

  • Protect vulnerable cyclists from vehicular traffic.
  • Increase the accuracy of cycle detection around the city.
  • Communicate the presence of other road users to drivers.

The solution

Q-Free’s HI-TRAC CMU cycle monitoring solution was selected to provide reliable, highly-accurate cycle count and detection information. Detection equipment was easily integrated with controller phasings on the authority’s existing UTC system.

Integration with a third-party flashing warning sign was established to alert motorists of oncoming cyclists while the web reporting system provided real-time access to system data from all commissioned sites.

Following the success of the initial phase of the project, the city approved and installed two additional bus priority and bus and cycle priority sites utilizing Q-Free’s HI-TRAC® UTC-L (BP) and HI-TRAC® EMU3 technology.