Q-Free’s partner Intelight announces newest signal control software MAXTIME 2.0

MAXTIME 2.0 enables a modern yet familiar web experience that scales seamlessly from desktop, to tablet, to mobile—letting you work wherever you are. With enhanced security, modern communication protocols, full user accounts with access controls, and real-time graphical signal analytic tools, MAXTIME 2.0 redefines local application software.

Some of the exciting new experiences included in MAXTIME 2.0:

  • Tile Based Dashboards: Create a customized tile based dashboard (main status screens) with ring timers, channel states, video feeds, and other web-server equipped devices that can be customized for each intersection. Save and load dashboard templates to easily setup your entire system
  •  User Access Control: Configure user groups to limit read/write permissions of individual controller programming and status menus to a set of users; permissions synced to all network connected controllers via the included central-based MAXTIME profile server
  • Real-Time Signal Performance Analytics: View graphical signal performance analytic tools such as a split monitor, a cycle length plot, phase termination diagrams, coordination diagrams, etc., directly from the local signal controller. Run queries against signal performance metric events to dig into detailed operational questions.
  • On-Board Status Replay: Replay recent operation to troubleshoot a failure instantly. Status Replay includes ring timers, phase and overlap states, detector calls, channel status, etc. Status Replay can be rewound, fast forwarded, or played back slower or faster than real-time

For more MAXTIME 2.0 enhancements, click here.

Q-Free is integrating Intelight’s solutions into OpenTMS, Q-Free’s platform independent, extensible, Advanced Traffic Management System (ATMS) solution built around an open, modular architecture. By combining Q-Free’s off-the-shelf, cloud-enabled products with Intelight technology, Q-Free will be able to offer a complete corridor management system to handle the entire end-to-end incident management process. The integration of Q-Free and Intelight products will be completed over the next six months. Meanwhile, Q-Free is acquiring Intelight via a five-year option program ending in 2020. For more information about the acquisition, click here.