Q-Free wins the Rosing award in Norway

The Norwegian Computer Society stated in its press release on 27 November 2013:

“In the Norwegian Computer Society we focus on how technology can be used to solve important public challenges besides creating new industry and competitiveness. When we searched for a winner of the award, we have moved from the concept of identifying one individual who has “invented something smart” to a company who has become a global player in its field, through commercializing an idea and creating a lasting business model.Jury statement:
One of the areas where the physical and digital world melt together is in toll management and intelligent transportation systems.The company has from its start with small isolated projects, eventually had important projects not only in Norway but also in countries like Sweden, Indonesia, Brazil , Malaysia, Australia, Portugal and the United States.With the opportunities these technologies now provide to handle congestion smarter, the Rosing academy sees new applications that will grow in importance for the world’s environmental challenges.Few Norwegian technology companies have succeeded equally well on a global scale. As the company is also working to solve one of the major social problems, namely traffic in big cities, it is especially gratifying that it is a company headquartered in Norway we are talking about.The company had its origins with great ideas at NTNU (The Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim, Norway), which has helped many start-up companies. We also want to honor five of the entrepreneurs behind the success with an honorary diploma: Svend Roger Skaland , Hans Rechsteiner, John Hagfors, Kai Bogen and Steffen Kirknes.”

The NCS is the largest special interest society for information technology (IT) in Norway. It is an open, independent forum for Norway’s IT professionals and advanced IT users. The society encompasses the IT industry, corporations in general and research and development institutions. The NCS is an independent and wholly self-financed society with more than 10,500 registered members and more than 1,200 company members.