Product revenues ended of NOK 59 million in the period, compared to 84 million in the corresponding quarter last year. This is the main explanation of the change of EBITDA from the third quarter 2013. Recent two years the revenue composition has however reflected a substantial increase in product revenues and lower project revenues.

-Q-Free will experience fluctuations in revenue composition from quarter to quarter. We see weak tag revenues weakens the top and bottom line. The ATMS revenues is again doubled compared to last quarter, and we see a stronger order intake in and post quarter. Q-Free is after the acquisition of Open Roads established in all targeted areas in ATMS. We see that the ATMS business is developing to be an important contributor to Q-Free, comments CEO in Q-Free, Thomas Falck.

Order intake during the quarter amounted to NOK 191 million, up from NOK 129 million in the second quarter 2014. The increase reflects a stable quarter for Products, Service & Maintenance and a significant improvement for ATMS. By the end of the period, the total order backlog amounted to NOK 400 million, of which NOK 142 million relates to contracts for delivery in 2014.

For the first nine months of the year, Q-Free generated revenues of NOK 531 million, up 16% from the corresponding period last year. EBITDA amounted to NOK 59 million (2) and pre-tax profit ended at NOK 2 million (-50).

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Q-Free is a leading global supplier of products and solutions within Road User Charging and Advanced Transportation Management Systems. The Q-Free Group has approximately 440 employees with offices in 17 countries and presence on all continents. The Q-Free head office is in Trondheim, Norway. Q-Free is listed on Oslo Stock Exchange under the ticker QFR.

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